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Post-event ROI? Sure, no problem! Everything is possible with the right tool.

Kampfire is a cutting-edge event photo-sharing solution that revolutionizes the way attendees engage with your event even after it ends.

Kampfire instantly matches event photos to attendees using secure facial recognition and shares it with them on their mobiles, no app needed.

This ensures participants receive albums of the images they appear in, eliminating the hassle of searching through hundreds if not thousands of photos. Isn't it exciting?

In a snap of a selfie, your guests get their personalized photo album and can instantly download and share it on social media.

At this moment of excitement, when they are most receptive, Kampfire not only keeps them engaged with your event photos but also presents them with CTAs and sponsor ads displayed at an optimal time.

So what are you waiting for? your post-event ROI is more than possible

Post-event ROI
Post-event ROI

Post-event ROI


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