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Kampfire closes the gap between
marketing automation platforms,
event planning systems and post-event feedback tools

How we're different

Attendees celebrate

Kampfire closes the gap between
marketing automation platforms,
event planning systems and
post-event feedback tools

Spice up your marketing toolkit

Spice up your marketing toolit

Kampfire is a post-event attendee engagement web app helping event organizers enhance their event outcomes. It's designed to complement event management systems, registration apps, and marketing automation platforms through simple integrations.

Kampfire (yes, with a ‘k’) introduces an innovative approach to making your events more profitable and effective by reutilizing your event content, especially photos, to extend the experiences your audience had at your event.

The system increases attendee engagement and expands brand reach even after the ‘music stops’. Some would say we provide new methods for you to generate more revenue for a fraction of your event cost. We believe Kampfire is the only (hence the best) event content recycling tool.

Re-purposing your past events' proven content to drive post-event engagement

Keeping your revenue stream beyond the day of

Measure both digital engagement and in-person interactions as reflected in your event photos

Kicking in when post-event fatigue sets in and takes over

Streamlining workflow to save you many hours of post-event manual work

Complementing and integrating with your event tech-stack rather than replacing them

Why Kampfire?

Because it kicks in just in time

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Kampfire complements event planning software by focusing on post-event engagement, offering personalized photo albums, sponsor visibility, lead generation, and extended ROI.

Kampfire distinguishes itself from traditional event planning software by focusing exclusively on the post-event phase rather than the entire event lifecycle. While event planning software typically assists with tasks like registration, check-in, and logistics, Kampfire steps in after the event concludes to enhance attendee engagement and extend the event's impact. It doesn't replace event planning software but complements it, seamlessly integrating with various systems.


Kampfire leverages AI technology to create personalized event photo albums for attendees, thereby fostering lasting connections and providing opportunities for sponsors to enhance their visibility. Additionally, it prioritizes lead generation and data capture for post-event marketing campaigns, optimizing ROI. In essence, Kampfire serves as a powerful tool for event organizers to maximize the value of their events long after they've ended, offering a unique approach that goes beyond event planning and management.

Elevating events beyond planning

Kampfire vs. event planning software

Computer image
Kampfire's dashboard
Kampfire's photo album
Photo album

Kampfire vs. marketing automation platforms

When AI and marketing automation coupled.

Kampfire distinguishes itself from Marketing Automation Platforms by its post-event focus and unique approach.

Unlike Marketing Automation Platforms that primarily manage email campaigns and contact lists, Kampfire doesn't send emails or handle contact lists. Instead, it assists in creating personalized landing pages that feature event content tailored for attendees.

This approach allows for deeper attendee engagement and extended event experiences, complementing the broader marketing automation efforts. Kampfire's AI-driven personalized photo albums, sponsor integrations, and lead generation tools further enhance attendee connections and ROI, making it a specialized tool for maximizing the post-event phase in conjunction with marketing automation platforms.

Kampfire differs from Marketing Automation Platforms by focusing on post-event engagement. It doesn't handle email campaigns but helps create personalized landing pages for attendees, enhancing connections and extending event impact.

Kampfire stands out from traditional survey tools by linking surveys to personalized photo albums, significantly boosting response rates. Its versatile landing pages also expand brand reach and sponsor exposure.

Kampfire vs. traditional and online survey tools

Kampfire differs significantly from traditional online survey tools when it comes to gathering post-event feedback. While standard survey tools face the challenge of low response rates, with typically less than 10% of attendees providing feedback, Kampfire offers a novel approach. It increases response rates by linking surveys to attendees' highly sought-after personalized photo albums, incentivizing participation.

Furthermore, Kampfire's versatile landing pages provide a range of conditional actions that go beyond collecting data, such as expanding brand reach through social media sharing, boosting sponsor exposure, and generating new leads. This comprehensive approach not only maximizes attendee engagement but also offers event organizers a multifaceted tool for post-event success. In essence, Kampfire goes beyond traditional survey tools, leveraging personalized content and conditional actions to create a more effective and impactful post-event engagement platform.

Innovative approach to post-event feedback & engagement

Kampfire's dashboard

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Money-back guarantee.

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  • What's the biggest advantage of using Kampfire to share photos rather than other photo-sharing solutions?
    Kampfire generates personalized photo albums to be shared with recipients based on advanced facial recognition abilities. This method allows event hosts to share with attendees their most sought-after photos, eliminating the frustration of sorting through hundreds of event photos just to find their own.
  • Do I need to download Kampfire to my laptop or mobile phone to use it?
    No, you do not need to download Kampfire software or app as it is a web application that can be accessed through any web browser on any device. Since Kampfire is a web-based platform, you can easily access it without the need for additional software or downloads. Simply open up your preferred web browser and navigate to the Kampfire app website to get started ( As long as you have an internet connection, you can log in and start using Kampfire's features and tools right away.
  • Can attendees upload photos to my event workspace?
    Yes, Kampfire's Collaborators feature lets you invite guests and photographers to upload their photos directly from their devices to a temporary gallery in your event workspace. Once their photos are uploaded, the event admin can select some or all of each collaborator's photos and add them to the event gallery. Use the Collaborators view on the left-side menu to invite those you'd like to share their photos with your audience through Kampfire.
  • What steps does Kampfire take to ensure the security of my data?
    Kampfire uses AWS DynamoDB which has multiple security measures in place to protect data from unauthorized access and cyber threats. Additionally, Kampfire encrypts all personal data of attendees, ensuring that even if the data is compromised, it remains encrypted and inaccessible without proper decryption.
  • What are the limits for the number of photos and guest albums in a Kampfire workspace?
    An event workspace in Kampfire can handle up to hundreds of thousands of photos; however, the limits for photos and guest personalized albums depend on the plan you've chosen. Different subscription tiers offer varying limits on these parameters. For precise details, you should refer to Kampfire's pricing and plan options.
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