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User guide

This guide will help you get started with Kampfire – a cloud-based web app designed for event planners and marketing teams. For any additional questions please refer to FAQ or reach out to our Helpdesk.

A workspace is a container that holds your event’s data, such as photos, Kampaigns and statistics

01 Create an Event Workspace

  • Create a workspace by setting its name.

  • You can change the name anytime.

Create an Event Workspace

The package should be selected based on features and the number of guests attending your event

02 Choose workspace package

  • We recommend to start with a free trial and upgrade as needed.

  • You can upgrade the workspace package anytime using account settings.

  • Once you reach one of your workspace package limits, you will get a notification to upgrade it.

Choose the workspace package

Uploading-pad enables fast and secure upload of thousands of photos

03 Upload photos

  • Browse or Drag & Drop your photos directly from a desktop onto the uploading-pad.

  • You can drag photos stored in various folders to the uploading-pad.

  • It’s not possible to upload from a zip file or link.

  • Upload up to 2,000 photos each time.

  • Kampfire supports JPG and PNG files


Filters let you separate between the photos you will be sharing with attendees and those you won’t

04 Filter your gallery

  • Apply predefined auto filters or manually filter out single photos.

  • You can manually unfilter photos that were filtered automatically.

  • Change your selection anytime.


Favorite photos are shared with all your attendees in addition to each one’s personal photos

05 Select favorite photos

  • We recommend selecting at least 10 favorite photos.

  • Some Kampaigns require selecting at least one favorite photo.

  • Change favorite selection anytime.


You are ready to create your first Kampaign

Kampaign is a container that holds the personalized content you design for your audience, as well as the data generated from attendees' interactions with that content

06 Create a Kampaign

  • Name your Kampaign, you can change it anytime.

  • For each workspace you can create and share different Kampaigns for different goals.

  • You can also create various Kampaigns for various audiences such as VIP-only, Employees, Investors, All-Guests etc.

create a kampaign with a k

Template is a message layout, predesigned to accomplish various event and campaign goals

07 Choose a template

  • Select a template that best fits your purpose and metrics. Every template contains Kampfire’s ‘Selfie pad’, for your guests to upload a selfie and get their personal photo album.

  • You can add text, images, CTAs and other components using the customization step ahead.


Follow the step-by-step customization process

08 Customize Kampaign

  • Make sure to fill in mandatory fields.

  • Save your work at the final step. It will automatically generate a link to your new Kampaign.

  • Once generated, your Kampaign link will remain the same, even if you modify its design, branding and content.

  • The preview window is updated instantly with every change you make.


Share the link with your audience using any email service, social media channel or text message

09 Share your Kampaign

  • Besides a link Kampfire also lets you embed an iframe or button directly on your website or landing page.

  • Enabling lead-capturing requires your guests to provide their name and email (which you can view in the stats screen).

  • You can modify your Kampaign’s customization also after sharing its link.

  • After saving a modification, the link recipients will see the modified version.


Your guests can now access their personalized photo albums

Kampaign Stats gathers the information that Kampfire collects from the digital engagement of your attendees with your Kampaign

10 View statistics

  • Each campaign shows only its own statistics.

  • You can expand the view of specific attendees by clicking directly on their row.


Guests user guide


Upload your headshot

Submit your headshot by uploading it to the designated selfie pad

  • Ensure that your photo features only one individual.

  • Kampfire utilizes facial recognition to find your photos.

YAB gala 2023

Fill in name and email

Provide your name and email address. Kampfire will send you an email verification with a link to your photos

  • This step is mandatory only if the host has activated it.

  • Your name and email are visible exclusively to the host.

YAB gala 2023 photos

View personal gallery

Explore the photos in which you are featured, as well as other images shared with you by the host

  • You can download the photos to your device or share them directly to social media.

YAB gala 2023 photo album
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