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Event photo sharing using facial recognition

Kampfire, a leading post-event attendee engagement web app, designed to maximize the value of event photos captured by professional photographers or attendees. Our solution is simple yet effective: save attendees the hassle of sifting through thousands of photos by presenting them with a personalized photo album where they are the star.

Why This Matters:

Unlike traditional event planning software that focuses on registration, check-in, and logistics, Kampfire steps in after the event concludes to drive deeper engagement and create extended event experiences.

By embedding Kampfire's iFrame code with your event platforms, you seamlessly complement your existing tools and elevate your post-event strategies.

Enhance your post-event strategies with Kampfire

Effortless Post-Event Engagement: Kampfire instantly matches and shares event photos with attendees using secure facial recognition, ensuring privacy while enhancing engagement.

Personalized Landing Pages: Attendees receive tailored event content through personalized landing pages, offering prime opportunities for sponsors to enhance their visibility and reach.

Boosted ROI for Event Planners: Our platform prioritizes lead generation, surveys, and data capture for post-event marketing campaigns, optimizing event ROI and extending the event's impact.

Ready to transform your event experience and boost attendee satisfaction?

Discover how Kampfire's iFrame integration can simplify post-event engagement and make your attendees feel like the stars they are!

Learn how to share event photos using facial recognition with Kampfire's experts

event photo sharing using facial recognition
event photo sharing using facial recognition


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