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Reichman University, Alumni Campaign with Kampfire
Elevating Attendee Experience at the Reichman University Alumni Reunion

Case Study

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Reichman University alumni organization embarked on a campaign to engage and update its graduates about upcoming activities, special events, and encourage participation in a university survey. The campaign aimed to enhance alumni involvement and gather valuable feedback.


Enhance the overall attendee experience at Reichman university alumni reunion using Kampfire's personalized content and engagement features.


Personalized Photo Albums, One-Click Access, Sponsor opportunity, Social Media Sharing, Feedback responses (Conditional CTAs)

Campaign Metrics: Before Kampfire (One Year Ago) and now

Open Rate: 34%

Total Clicks: Over 11,000

Unique Clicks on CTAs: 39%

Survey Response Rate: 14%

With Kampfire:

Open Rate: 51%

Total Clicks: Over 15,000

Unique Clicks on CTAs: 62%

Survey Response Rate: 29%

Key Observations and Improvements:

Open Rate Enhancement: 

The implementation of Kampfire resulted in a remarkable increase in the open rate, rising from 34% to 51%. This indicated a more engaged and responsive alumni audience.

Total Clicks: 

The campaign utilizing Kampfire achieved over 15,000 total clicks, surpassing the previous count of 11,000 without Kampfire.

Unique Clicks on CTAs: 

The unique clicks on Calls-to-Action (CTAs) witnessed a substantial improvement, growing from 39% to an impressive 62%.

Attendees become brand advocates by easily sharing their personalized event photos on social media platforms directly from the Kampfire app.

Survey Response Uplift: 

Conditional CTAs are employed to gather feedback from alumni, fostering a deeper connection with event memories. The university's survey response rate saw a significant boost with Kampfire, increasing from 14% to a remarkable 29%. This indicated a more active and engaged alumni community.

Positive Feedback:

Gili Dinstein, CEO of External Relations and the Alumni Organization, shared the excitement and positive responses received from friends and alumni. "We are receiving enthusiastic responses following the emails we sent yesterday to friends and alumni! So much fun!”


The university experiences increased brand reach, elevated attendee satisfaction, and valuable insights for future alumni events.

The introduction of Kampfire in the alumni campaign resulted in substantial improvements across key metrics. The increased open rate, higher total clicks, enhanced unique clicks on CTAs, and a significant rise in survey response rates demonstrate the positive impact of Kampfire on alumni engagement for Reichman University. The success of this campaign sets a precedent for future alumni interactions, highlighting Kampfire's effectiveness in optimizing communication strategies and fostering a more engaged and responsive alumni community.

Business Event ROI Challenge

Reichman University

Despite substantial pre-event spending, organizers frequently miss valuable post-event opportunities. Kampfire provides a solution by generating unique, personalized content that captivates attendees and maximizes post-event ROI.

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