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How we drank our own champagne at IMEX America 2023.
Yes, as an exhibitor at IMEX we exploit our own platform to draw attention, drive interactions, and generate post-event engagement with attendees and potential collaborators.

Case Study

B&O Case study landing page


Brand awareness, demonstrate Kampfire to pre-scheduled appointments, walk-ins lead generation. increase interaction and contact with the people we met during each day of the event.


Kampfire’s pre-designed templates for speedy activation.

Facial recognition-based album bundling to be instantly shared with attendees.

Kampfire’s QR code and i-Frame sharing methods for post event engagement.

Inherent lead generation module to capture walk-ins.

Social media quick share within photos.

Sponsorship activations.

Action plan:

Kampfire’s team brought a professional photographer to take photos in the surrounding area of our booth during the show. Attendees who came to our booth for appointments or walked by our booth were interested to learn what exactly is Kampfire. W prompt them to scan the QR code or get to our website where they could upload a selfie and receive all the photos of themselves as captured near our booth. Photographers of other exhibitors at the show were happy to contribute hundreds of additional branded photos to our album in return for exposure in a personalized experience Kampfire provided to the event attendees.

Kampfire-IMEX website subpage was flooded with entries in the days post the show, providing Kampfire and collaborators hundreds of new leads we couldn’t have gotten any other way.

Event Metrics:

Kampfire’s Kampaign (yes, with a K) landing page views: 746

Kampfire’s i-frame usage on Kampfire-IMEX website: 244

Leads collected: 223

Personalized albums claimed: 342

Photos shared on social media: 448

Photos downloaded: 1988

Key Observations:

Effective Lead Generation: The action plan, including QR code scanning and personalized album registration, resulted in the collection of 223 leads.

Social Media Impact: Photos shared on social media (448) and brand mentions underscore the platform's ability to create a buzz. Attendees willingly shared their personalized content, amplifying brand reach and event visibility.

Post-Event Website Interaction: The usage of Kampfire's I-frame on the company website (244) demonstrates sustained post-event engagement. Visitors to the website continued to explore content, extending the impact beyond the physical event.


Kampfire’s activation of Kampfire at IMEX America 2023 illustrates effectiveness in driving meaningful interactions, lead generation, and post-event engagement. The combination of innovative technology of user-friendly UX, UI and AI positions Kampfire as a must have tech for event exhibitors seeking to maximize ROI and attendee engagement.

How we drank our own champagne at IMEX America 2023.

IMEX America 2023

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