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Bang & Olufsen, Maximizing Attendee Post-Event Engagement

Case Study

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In the competitive landscape of event hosting, Bang & Olufsen faced the challenge of achieving a full potential of attendee engagement and extracting genuine post-event ROI. Despite substantial event cost, the post-event phase was often underutilized. Kampfire emerged as the solution, promising unique, personalized content to captivate attendees and transform the post-event landscape for Bang & Olufsen.


Elevate the overall post-event attendee engagement at Bang & Olufsen’s events.


Sales Opportunities, Personalized content, Social Media interaction, Feedback amplifier.

Event Metrics: Before Kampfire

Attendees: 452

Clicks on on-line sales promotion buttons: 34

Social media interactions: less than 50

Feedback Responses: less than 5%

With Kampfire:

Attendees: 520

Clicks on on-line sales promotion buttons: 89

Social media interactions: 530

Feedback Responses: 31.1%

Key Observations and Improvements:

Sales Opportunities: 

Prior using Kampfire, there were 34 clicks on online sales promotion buttons, and this increased to 89 with Kampfire. This indicates a significant improvement in directing attendees toward sales opportunities, showcasing the effectiveness of personalized content in driving engagement and conversions.

Social media interactions: 

The use of Kampfire resulted in a substantial increase in social media interactions, from under 50 to 530. This demonstrates the platform's capability to amplify social media engagement, creating a buzz around Bang & Olufsen's events and extending brand's reach. The attendees became enthusiastic brand advocates, effortlessly sharing personalized event photos on various social media platforms directly through the Kampfire app.

Feedback Responses: 

Prior to using Kampfire, feedback responses were under 5%, and this increased to 31.1%. The personalized content and interactive features of Kampfire not only attracted more feedback but also provided valuable insights for Bang & Olufsen to improve future events. This indicated a more active and engaged event community.


Kampfire proved to be a disruptive solution for Bang & Olufsen, effectively addressing the challenge of post-event engagement and ROI. The platform's features, including personalized content and interactive tools, led to substantial increase in attendee interaction, online sales promotion clicks, social media engagement, and feedback responses. These improvements showcase the platform's ability to maximize the value derived from events, turning them into opportunities for increased brand reach, sales, and valuable attendee insights. Bang & Olufsen continues leveraging Kampfire to improve post-event engagement and achieve even greater success in future events.

Maximizing Attendee Post-Event Engagement

Bang & Olufsen

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