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Your moments, instantly found!

Fire up the excitement at your event

Attendee receives only her photos

Match and share personalized
photo albums using secure AI, while ensuring your attendees' privacy remains intact.

Share the memories your guests are most interested in

Your guests love getting their photos, but they get frustrated having to search through hundreds of them. Kampfire allows you to share personal albums within seconds, capitalizing on the excitement.

Increased event ROI
The sponsorship idea you were looking for

The sponsorship idea you were looking for

Connect with your audience at the perfect moment. Deliver ads tailored to their interests, guaranteeing maximum engagement. 

Get much more out of your already paid for, unused event photos

Craft and share engaging content your attendees can't ignore. Utilize predesigned templates, customize with your brand, and ignite your marketing campaings as never before.


And the best part? You can apply Kampfire to past events as well!

How it looks picture

Your guests are looking great! let them know that

Kampfire’s auto filters instantly eliminate redundancies, bad lighting, out-of-focus photos and many more. It helps you shorten the time from camera clicks to attendees' social media posts.

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Event photo sharing

Our technology matches professional event photos to your attendees in compliance with data protection regulations. They can share or save them, safely and with the privacy level they choose.

Keep your attendees' privacy intact

Install Kampfire's photo finder on your platforms

Seamlessly embed Kampfire's solutions on your event's landing page, newsletter or app to drive post event engagement. 

Kampfire instantly matches and shares event photos with attendees

How it works

How it works icon
How it works icon

Upload all the pictures from your event

We make them
look good

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You can now track engagement, downloads and social shares

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and receive their personalized photo albums in seconds

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Select a template. Brand it, Sponsor it and Share

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Attendees securely
upload their selfie

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Plans & Prices

Start with free plan and upgrade only after you see results!

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